Healthy Lifestyles

When you join OPW, you join a culture of health. All of our locations around the world offer education and programs to promote safe and healthy lifestyles.

Several of our business locations offer amenities that, depending on the facility may include free on-site health & fitness center facilities with work out equipment. Most offer indoor/outdoor patios and dining facilities that provide healthy food choices. All of our U.S operations are smoke-free.

Dover Health & Wellness Program

As part of Dover, OPW employees have access to this program that focuses on healthy eating, exercise and tobacco use. Each of these areas may have a direct effect on many of the health issues that Dover employees and their families face, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, unhealthy weight, cancer, arthritis, lung disease and high cholesterol.

Addressing the preventable causes of these conditions can help improve your quality of life and the performance and productivity of all of us. That’s why our wellness programs will focus on these three areas. We’ll help you and your family live healthier and manage conditions as effectively as possible with resources such as screenings, education and coaching.

Visit the Dover Health and Wellness Program website to learn more.