Continuing Education

At OPW, we embrace the value and significance of professional development by offering continuing education opportunities for motivated individuals.

Whether pursuing degrees and certificates for career advancement or in-depth knowledge and expertise to meet a profession’s continuing education requirements, OPW believes that investing in its people is essential to its enduring success and leadership sustainability.

Tuition Assistance Program

To encourage the professional and personal development of every OPW associate, the Tuition Assistance Program establishes reimbursement for qualified educational expenses and successful completion of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate courses in accredited colleges or universities.

For an OPW employee be eligible for tuition reimbursement under this policy, the following requirements must be met:

  • The employee must be full-time;
  • Have completed a year of service; and
  • Be on the payroll when the course is completed
  • Courses must be related to your current job –OR– one to which you can reasonably be promoted if and when an opening occurs. Must not interfere with your usual and customary job requirements or work schedule unless approved in advance by your immediate supervisor.

For more information, please contact OPW Human Resources.